The Track My Order App

Our new and innovative Track My Order app will help you streamline your Holcim Concrete order deliveries and maintain an overview of all your current jobs.

Increase your efficiency with the new Track My Order app

You will be able to see today's and upcoming orders and track your specific deliveries. Alerts allow you to be onsite and prepare in time as well as be aware of any changes in schedule.

Using the app will improve your on the job efficiency and reduces your need to make phone calls to our Contact Centre or Plant.

Delivery information at
your fingertips
View your orders for today and the next 14 days
How it works

In order to use the app, you have to be a Holcim Concrete customer and need to have orders placed for the next 14 days.

When placing an order you will be asked to lodge a phone number with it. The owner of this phone number needs to log in to the app by entering their phone number and the state where the orders are delivered. This will send a 4-digit SMS Pin to the phone number. The pin can be used to log in to the app and can be shared with team members who would like to have access to the information.

13 11 88
for Concrete
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